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The amount of electricity OurPower members have pledged this year to get discounted rates*.

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We use the power of collective bargaining to negotiate discounted electricity rates from retailers so you can save money and take the first step towards energy independence.

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For a complete list of questions and answers please visit our FAQ or if you want to find out more chat directly  with our team.

Save Money and reclaim your power

By combining your bills with other Australian residents, you're able to compete at a different scale and negotiate a better collective price. All the negotiation is done by OurPower so there's nothing you need to do other than register and upload your bill.

“As soon as joined I was able to see how expensive my home bill was compared to other members. Just saving a few cents made a massive difference.”

- Our Power member, Gary, Noosa Heads

Get your business bills under control

As an OurPower Business member you could benefit from even more savings such as Solar Panel or Battery installation as part of the integrated power network.

“Becoming an OurPower Business Member meant we were eligible for installation of Solar Panel for our building which will make a massive saving for our power bill.”

OurPower Business, Junction2, Noosa Heads

With electricity prices set to soar in 2018*, let's work together and get our power back.

From July 1, Australia's three major retailers all announced increases of up to 20% averaging around $600 a year for in some states for electricity and gas.

The situation comes as a result of significant failure of energy policy from both State and Federal levels. This combined with the entire energy system going through enormous change we can only expect to see traditional energy supply and demand continue to remain quite volatile.

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